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FLASHBACK: McCaskill Defends Obamacare/Talent Defends Romneycare | Missouri Political News Service

FLASHBACK: McCaskill Defends Obamacare/Talent Defends Romneycare

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“People Have Received A Lot Of Misinformation About The Health Care Reform Law, But The Truth Is That The Law Will Do A Lot Of Good . . . .” “‘When it comes to their health care, Missourians want peace of mind. With these new measures, people will no longer have to worry that they could be dropped from their coverage when they need it most, and now insurance companies can’t tell you what doctor you can see.’ McCaskill said. ‘People have received a lot of misinformation about the health care reform law, but the truth is that the law will do a lot of good through protections like these.'” (Senator Claire McCaskill, “New Patient Protections Mark Anniversary Of Healthcare Reform,” Press Release, 9/23/10)

“Governor Romney recognized that competition is the key to the success of any market – so doing what no one had ever done before, he created a new market where consumers can go to pick the health care plan that suits them best. Called the “Connector,” this marketplace is not a new regulatory agency or insurance purchasing pool. It is a place that gives people access to more choices, better information, and lower costs in selecting a private health insurance plan. The Connector also provides a way for individuals to purchase insurance with the same pre-tax advantage given to those buying insurance through their employers. Even better, the Connector gives people the chance to buy private insurance independent of their jobs, so that they don’t have to worry about losing their coverage when they change employers.” (Former Senator Jim Talent, “Mitt Romney: Putting Conservative Principles to Work in Health Care,” Town Hall 8/21/07)


Rasmussen Reports: 54% Favor Repeal of Health Care Reform Law

Video: Interview with Romney Advisor Admitting Romneycare was Blueprint for Obamacare

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