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BREAKING: MHIP Votes Yes to Accept $20 Mil for Health Exchanges. | Missouri Political News Service

BREAKING: MHIP Votes Yes to Accept $20 Mil for Health Exchanges.

September 15th, 2011 by mopns · No Comments


Click here for resolution accepting $21 million.

Click here and here for resolution hiring Huff.

UPDATE: (2) Biggovernment.com: “Informed by sources on the ground that state Senator Jane Cunningham, legislative sponsor of Prop C, and others interrupted the meeting where this action was taking place. The MHIP has temporarily backed down–for now.”

We’ve just learned  that the Missouri Health Insurance Pool has just voted on behalf of the state to accept $21 million dollars from the federal government to establish an health exchange here in Missouri. They are designating John Huff as the director.

Didn’t Missourians vote overwhelmingly against Obamacare in 2010 with their Prop C vote? Just like President Obama does all the time, Nixon is taking the executive order route – completely bypassing the legislature.



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  • 1 Brendon Carr // Sep 15, 2011 at 10:29 am

    Looks like Nixon is looking for a private sector job soon.

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  • 3 Marcella Rocha // Sep 15, 2011 at 11:21 am

    Governor Nixon, you seem to have a bad case of that malady called “the obamas” via your feeble attempt at an executive order. What about Prop C didn’t you get Sir? A majority of us Missourians overwhelmingly voted to defer these exchanges. In the alternative to your personal executive order I simply request my fellow Missourians to defer you. Thank you Sen. Cunningham, take out that rubbish and just know you have majority support.

  • 4 stlgretchen // Sep 16, 2011 at 6:56 am

    This is another example of how government operates in all areas, including education. What is occurring in Health Care, bypassing the Legislature, is what has been happening in Missouri education…same blueprint. Read about Common Core standards and how our State Board signed over our right to set educational standards to a consortia and saddling us with unfunded debt…sound like a Health Care exchange? You bet!

    Let’s examine why a state “trigger option” bill (almost identical from language contained Race to the Top, a FEDERAL STIMULUS program) was quietly set aside in February 2011. Could it have been because Missouri received $9 million in May via a Federal Grant to MANDATE what was in the proposed state bill? The Federal Government bypassed the Legislature…again.

    Why go to the bother to debate bills and put them in front of the people when legislators can just get a federal grant and nobody asks any questions or have input? Why should the Legislature concern itself with the process when our money stream (and loss of state control) comes from the Federal government?

    What is particularly troubling is the Republican state legislature is supporting Arne Duncan’s educational agenda. It’s no different than the Health Care issue. It’s Federal control of education, centralization, unfunded debt and mandates. Insert the phrase “health care” in place of “education” and you’ve got the picture.

    The current governmental educational blueprint coincides with this power grab by Jay Nixon. The legislators in the state, just as Congress, are become irrelevant. I’m glad some of them are standing up for health care, but where are they in education?

    Let’s stop the Federal control of our education and health care NOW. Thank you to these senators for standing up for health care. Let’s extend this idea of stopping federal intrusion into the educational arena as well.

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