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Rep. Jamilah "Niecey Williams" Nasheed Wins ASS-HAT of the Day | Missouri Political News Service

Rep. Jamilah “Niecey Williams” Nasheed Wins ASS-HAT of the Day

April 13th, 2011 by mopns · No Comments

 Quote of the Day: Rep. Jamilah ‘Niecey Williams’ Nasheed: ‘Domestic Violence is Self Inflicted’

Ass-Hat: “A general term for someone who carries out actions with such stupidity that they might as well wear their ass as a hat.” – Urban Dictionary

Rep. Jamilah aka “Niecey Williams” Nasheed issued a statement yesterday urging a truce between her and Sen. Maria Chappelle Nadal. The white flag seems to be in response to former state representative Jim Avery’s statement yesterday that Niecey Jamilah was the agitator in the now alleged infamous incident at Sunday’s Lil Wayne rap concert:

“It just seemed at Jamilah came into the suite where we were from an adjoining suite to confront Maria,” said Avery, who now heads the State Mediation Board. “We were at a concert enjoying ourselves, and that’s just not the right place for something like this.”

Avery said he never heard any threats. But Representative Nasheed maintains that’s what happened, and blames Senator Chapelle-Nadal. Read more…

With Niecey’s history of stabbing a fellow gang member as a juvenile and her purportedly saying that battered women bring the abuse upon themselves, it never made sense to us why Niecey Rep. Nasheed would claim that Chappelle-Nadal threatened to cut Niecey’s Jamilah’s “f-ing throat.” Doesn’t seem wise to us to make this claim when a knife seems to be your favorite weapon of choice Madame Representative!

“While it is very clear that Senator Maria Chappell-Nadal and I have been at odds recently because of the local control bill-at this point I would like to end any personal differences and disagreements with the senator. There are simply too many pressing issues at stake in our city, state and our country for us to have any other focus than our communities.

We are in a critical time in our political structure and cannot be side-tracked byanything that will not be progressive to our community and state. Hopefully in the near future Senator Nadal and I can put our differences aside and agree to disagree without disrespect. I hope that we can move forward and hopefully find common causes that will better the conditions of our city and state.”



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