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Gov. Nixon Chooses Fish Over People | Missouri Political News Service

Gov. Nixon Chooses Fish Over People

April 6th, 2011 by mopns · No Comments

“Missourian’s paid their taxes, and if there’s debt, Missouri kids and grandkids will pay that debt off.” –Gov. Jay Nixon

Over the past few weeks, Republican state senator’s Jim Lembke and Brian Nieves have been leading an effort to prevent Chinese money, including a 20-week extension of unemployment benefits from 79 weeks to 99 weeks, from being spent by the federal government and state of Missouri. These senators are voicing the concern many of us have – that the federal government is living outside its means and our nation’s debt, currently above $14.2 trillion, is putting the America our parents and grandparents fought for in jeopardy for future generations. The federal government is currently out of touch, having raised the debt ceiling several times, failed to pass a constitutionally obligated federal budget, and failed to agree on $60 billion in cuts to bureaucratic government. Because of these circumstances, Senator Lembke and Senator Nieves have set out to reject as many federal funds as they can.

We’re positive Senator Lembke and Senator Nieves understand the immense hardships that families are going through due to tough economic times. Because of this understanding, these senators reached out to Governor Nixon and opened the door for negotiation. The senators asked the governor to remove his recommendation for House Bill 18, a bill riddled with special interest projects and pork spending. The Governor’s Office refused to give up their pet projects which include $170 million for weatherization, $22 million for a high speed rail study, and $100,000 for aquaculture fisheries in order to provide extended unemployment benefits for the citizens of Missouri. The governor of the State of Missouri picked pet projects over people. Governor Nixon wants to spend hundreds of millions of dollars that our federal government does not have on fisheries and weatherization over the people of our state.



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