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Carnahan Fundraising Email Rails on Oil Company Subsidies; Silent on Brother's $100 Million Windfarm Earmark | Missouri Political News Service

Carnahan Fundraising Email Rails on Oil Company Subsidies; Silent on Brother’s $100 Million Windfarm Earmark

March 7th, 2011 by MarkTwain · No Comments

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.” –Saul Alinsky

In Camp Carnahan’s haste to follow one of comrade Alinky’s “Rules for Radicals” (never let a budget crisis go to waste) they forgot to put a working link on their most recent fundraising email:


Have you been following the budget debates? The Republicans are trying to cut spending in key areas like education, funding for small businesses and investments in infrastructure that will help get people back to work.

Worse than that though is the spending they refuse to cut — big tax subsidies for oil companies.

If we got rid of oil and gas subsidies, we could save taxpayers $40 billion over five years. But Republicans are committed to giving tax dollars to an industry where profits DOUBLED in 2010.

I wish I were surprised by these Republican priorities, but truthfully they have been playing this game for a long time — and they are very good at it.

That’s why I need your help — my position on this issue makes me vulnerable; I need money to be able to respond.

Can you believe Congressman Carnahan has the audacity to be talking about oil company subsidies after his brother received a $100 million earmark for his wind farm last year?


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