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"FireLacyClay2012.com" Registered on 2-8-11 | Missouri Political News Service

“FireLacyClay2012.com” Registered on 2-8-11

February 11th, 2011 by mopns · No Comments

Looks like Congressman Lacy Clay’s 2010 primary opponent Candice Britton is gearing up for another run at the “Rent to Own” industry’s lap dog.  The domain “FireLacyClay2012.com” was registered -anonymously – by Miss Britton on February 8th.

How do we know Miss Britton registed the domain? Because in the site profile section of the Whois registry, it lists the website title as “candicebrittonus.” So much for anonymity! We can certainly understand why she would want to take on the ineffective congressman for a second time. Any politician who boldly tells his constituents that he doesn’t have time for them definitely needs an involuntary change of careers.


Rasmussen Reports: Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 45%, Democrats 38%



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