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'Nullify Now' in Kansas City 2011 | Missouri Political News Service

‘Nullify Now’ in Kansas City 2011

January 19th, 2011 by MarkTwain · No Comments

From the Missouri Tenth:

For decades and decades, the federal government has looked to its constitutional limitations with disdain – if at all. The question that we the people have always asked – what do we do about it? Do we ask federal politicians to limit their own power? Do we ask federal judges to limit their own power? Greats like Thomas Jefferson warned us of this situation – that if the feds ever were the sole and exclusive arbiter of the extent of their own power – that power would always grow. That’s why nullification – states resisting and refusing unconstitutional federal “laws” is an indispensable part of our American tradition. Since the Nullify Now! tour launched in Sept. ’10, the 10th Amendment/Nullification movement has continued to grow. Bottom line? We the people need to learn how to exercise our rights whether they the government want us to or not. Join this campaign to bring this message of limited, constitutional government to K.C. on a Saturday in 2011…Help us today!


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