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STL Tea Party Draws Up "Tea Party Treaty" | Missouri Political News Service

STL Tea Party Draws Up “Tea Party Treaty”

September 24th, 2010 by mopns · No Comments

Tea Party Treaty

1) I believe that the Health Care Reform bill (Affordable Care Act) should be immediately repealed as an un-Constitutional extension of governmental powers according to Article I of the US Constitution, and thus a burden on the people’s rights as recognized by the 9th Amendment.

 2) I believe the government should reduce taxes and cut spending, as a rejection of the Keynesian model of economics.  Government should be fiscally responsible with the people’s dime.

 3) I believe that we should reduce the federal bureaucracy.  The size and scope of federal regulation endangers all liberty, and hinders accountability to the public.

 I resolve to be a proponent for small government across the board, and agree to be held accountable for failure to abide by this treaty.

 __________________________       ______________

SIGNATURE                                                            DATE

On the heels of Congressional Republicans “Pledge to America,” the St. Louis Tea Party has released their equivalent to the pledge with what they’re calling the “Tea Party Treaty.” According to a release, the Tea Party Treaty was “designed to call our Elected Officials to accountability.  It is an official document that has been drawn up that we are urging every Congressional Candidate to sign. This initiative is two fold: First, we are submitting this to every Congressional Candidate at the State level; Second, our goal is to release this to Tea Party organizations across the country and encouraging them to do the same, thereby making it a Nation-wide initiative as well.”

Organizers claim their document was created BEFORE yesterday’s “Pledge to America” unveiling, and that they have a video time-stamp to prove it.  The document was issued to two current Congressional Candidates for their consideration several days ago, and they claim one of the candidates has signed the treaty.

“Because we refuse to let the GOP, or any other political party ride on the fast-moving coat-tails of the Tea Party Movement, it was decided to rename the document to the “Tea Party Treaty”. . . verbiage more aptly aligned with that of our Founding Fathers, as well as the document’s purpose.  To be perfectly clear, this is not in response to GOP shenanigans. . .but since they have opened themselves up to accountability in a very public way yesterday, this looks to be a powerful tool to call out ALL Elected Officials and Candidates and encourage them to put their money where their mouth is.”

The Tea Party Treaty will be released to the media tomorrow during the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition Homecoming tomorrow at Victory Center Headquarters (4512 Hampton Avenue) from 2-5!  Food, refreshments and games will be provided.



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