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Picture(s) of the Day: Corrigan Holds Diversity Coalition Kickoff in Dooley’s Backyard

September 2nd, 2010 by mopns · No Comments

Republican St. Louis County executive candidate Bill Corrigan kicked off his diversity coalition last night at the home of Uplands Park, Mo. trustee Henry Iwenofu. Uplands Park, a predominately African American community, is literally right across the street from Mr. Dooley’s home municipality of Northwoods! Another sign of Mr. Dooley losing support among his base?

Bad omen for the county executive?

Corrigan Diversity Co-Chair Stacy Washington & Cheryl Walker

Hon. Henry Iwenofu


Leslie Farr & Brady Gibson

Guests enjoying wonderful food catered by Mr. Iwenofu’s restaurant, Nubia Cafe

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