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Dooley Campaign Agrees to ONE Debate | Missouri Political News Service

Dooley Campaign Agrees to ONE Debate

August 25th, 2010 by sclemons · No Comments

“I am as excited about a big public debate as anybody. I have spent the last couple of months wondering what my opponents stood for, because their records are locked away.” — Charlie Dooley

In reality, when it comes to debating Bill Corrigan, Mr. Dooley is probably about as excited as an upcoming prostate exam! If these comments from a STL Post article are any indication, the voters of St. Louis County don’t have a lot of confidence that he’ll be able to stand his ground with Corrigan:

“Handpicked after Westfall then elected by default. Sorry Charlie, your act is up. A mile wide and an inch deep. Installation of your cronies and the Schoemehl re-treads has put the county on track to become more like the city. After six years in office you will not stand and defend your positions more than once?”

“Here’s how it will go down: To avoid appearing so benighted and ill-versed, so to speak, Dooley will likely “plant” questions in the audience, to which he will try to memorize answers designed to present him as both conversant and erudite….which we all know is not an accurate description of CD!”


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