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Jay Nixon Approval Plummets | Missouri Political News Service

Jay Nixon Approval Plummets

August 24th, 2010 by MarkTwain · No Comments

Last week, Public Policy Polling released a new poll of Missouri showing Republican Roy Blunt up 7 points over Robin Carnahan. Keep in mind that PPP is generally considered a Democrat-leaning firm, and the survey was conducted on behalf of Daily Kos, a far-left blog.

Buried in the poll results is an ominous sign for Governor Jay Nixon, whose approval rating has plummeted to 43%. This dramatic fall comes after more than a year during which his approval rating ( with the help of the lap dog media) has consistently hovered in the mid-50s. But Missouri’s stagnant economy, Nixon’s lack of accomplishments, and his noticeable absence from the public eye, seem to be taking their toll:

While many states saw their unemployment rates drop slightly from June to July, Missouri’s actually increased to 9.2%. In the past 12 months, 57,500 Missourians disappeared from the labor force many simply gave up their job search after not being able to find employment. Missouri’s home foreclosures increased 20% in July over the same period in 2009.

Jay Nixon has refused to take a stand on contentious issues and his lack of a backbone has been especially apparent on an issue like Proposition C, which passed in 114 of 116 election jurisdictions and with 71% of the statewide vote.


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