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Video: Rusty Says Happy Days are Here Again! | Missouri Political News Service

Video: Rusty Says Happy Days are Here Again!

June 2nd, 2010 by sclemons · No Comments

Remarkably last week during a one minute floor speech, hapless Rusty Carnahan made it sound like the country had turned the economic corner and that good times and prosperity were right around the corner. Those of us not in political dynasties who have connections to government stimulus funds for relative’s businesses know that this is absolute BS!

According to Rasmussen, just 29% of Americans say economic conditions are improving. And according to a new Gallup poll, things are looking dismal for the Democrats come this fall:

The number of voters saying that they would vote for Republicans [rose] three points from last week, while the number saying they will vote for Democrats dropped four points.  The 49%-43% lead for the Republicans is the largest that the pollster has ever recorded for the party.  Moreover, Democratic enthusiasm for voting this fall fell a point, while enthusiasm among Republicans stayed about fifteen points higher. Read more…

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  • 1 Barbara Siegfried // Jun 3, 2010 at 4:18 pm

    Too bad that you couldn’t have something about Clair McCaskill’s visit to a VFW post in the St Louis Area. /we have viedo and voice.. It would have made better neews this this stuff.

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