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RedState: Reading is not a strength for the Robin Carnahan Campaign | Missouri Political News Service

RedState: Reading Not a Strength for Robin Carnahan Campaign

June 1st, 2010 by MarkTwain · No Comments

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Where’s the crowd? Where’s the diversity?

Maybe a better use of Team Carnahan’s time would be getting more people to attend their meetings instead of producing campaign videos filled with misinformation! Just a thought.


This past week, the campaign for Democrat Senate candidate Robin Carnahan released a hit video criticizing Republican Senate candidate Rep. Roy Blunt about his response to the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  The video claims that “BP’s Bill for Cleanup is only $75M” and that supposedly, Blunt is OK with that.

One problem:  current law does NOT cap cleanup costs at $75M.  It clearly states that the violator (BP, in this case), must pay the ENTIRE cost for spill cleanup, plus $75M.  BP has already committed to reimbursing any legitimate claims for financial impact, and has even appointed an independent mediator to intervene for disputed claims.

You would think that Carnahan’s campaign consultants would have at least read the law before creating their hit vid – but you would be wrong.  As the KC Star points out, the wording is crystal clear Read more…


African American Newspaper Warns Robin Carnahan on “Drifting Too Far Away”

Political Fix: National fact-checking site takes on Robin Carnahan claim

Hat tip:TheNRSC

“Never Again”: Obama and the BP Oil Spill

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