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MDP Operatives - KC Star 'Reporters' - Pen Carnahan Puff Piece | Missouri Political News Service

MDP Operatives – KC Star ‘Reporters’ – Pen Carnahan Puff Piece

May 13th, 2010 by MarkTwain · No Comments

Robin Carnahan’s communications team, disguised as “objective” reporters Steve Kraske and David Goldstein (don’t laugh too hard) penned a piece yesterday titled, “Show-Me showdown: Outlines of Carnahan-Blunt race emerging.” WTF, “Outlines of Carnahan-Blunt race emerging???”

Where the hell have they been? The outline’s been clear from the very beginning of the campaign. All Kraske and Goldstein had to do was read their favorite blog FiredUp Missouri to see the Carnahan strategy – hide from the media and public and attack Blunt as a Washington insider and tied to big corporations.

These clowns are so biased, that they even gave a plug to a Democrat website bashing Blunt but failed to mention the MRP’S anti-Carnahan www.acorncarnahan.com. Out of the 1,133 word article, here was their only sad attempt at being half way objective:

On Tuesday, the Missouri GOP sought to underscore that with a statement belittling Carnahan’s decision to accept a $1,000 political donation from singer Barbra Streisand.

“Hollywood liberal Barbra Streisand finally found someone who shares her radical views — and that someone is Robin Carnahan,” said Lloyd Smith, executive director of the Missouri GOP.

Check out the dynamic duo’s spin on Cong. Blunt’s eight point lead in a recent Rasmussen poll:

If the Blunt campaign is buoyed by the eight-point lead in the poll, it might be nervous about another recent survey, which hints that the seven-term congressman’s support statewide might not be very deep.

A March survey by Public Policy Polling of North Carolina, which works for Democratic candidates, found that Blunt had not cracked 50 percent in the GOP primary field against an under-the-radar, low-budget effort by little-known state Sen. Chuck Purgason.

Blunt led Purgason, who has “tea party” support, 48-18 percent. But 34 percent was undecided, even with no Republican primary campaign to speak of.

“It’s a tough environment for Democrats,” agreed Carnahan pollster Fred Yang.

But Yang said the candidates haven’t really engaged yet and won’t until after the August primaries.

“It’s worrisome in the abstract because (the poll) just shows how hard the environment is,” he said. “But it’s not yet about real candidates.”



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Senate Candidate Roy Blunt Addresses African American Conservatives

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  • 1 Dr Drumright // May 13, 2010 at 12:23 pm

    I believe Purgason would whip the tar out of Carnahan.

  • 2 Former_Democrat // May 13, 2010 at 12:38 pm

    Kraske is known as a hack as well as the KC Star known as the Red Star or Falling Star in the K area. They are known leftists and don’t know the word “journalistic integrity”. I look forward to more of their staff joining Obama’s unemployment ranks and the Red Star going into bankruptcy along with the whole liberal McClatchey organization.

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