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Let’s Call It As We See It…

April 30th, 2010 by mopns · No Comments

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By Christiane Batson

It’s time to start calling it as you see them, people. I believe that our President is a Marxist, disguised as a democrat. Our Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, is a Communist, disguised as a democrat. And you can go down the line, even with Republicans. Most of the politicians and lobbyists up there are SOCIALISTS. Quit hyjacking liberal, progressive, and democrat labels to refer to them. They are just words to hide the real truth underneath, as they are Marxists/Communists/Socialists. Pay attn to the groups and people that they associate with, it’s true. Look it up for yourselves.

Their true objective: they are interested in “re-distributing the wealth” around the world (while pocketing a hefty amount at the same time). aka: stealing from us to give to other countries and line their pockets. How, you ask, could they really get away with that?? Cap and Trade is the SCAM that they are going to use to do it. They are trying to convince us that we need to buy the air in other countries in order to “save the planet.” How is Cap and Trade really going to “save the planet?” There will still be the SAME EMISSIONS, it just COSTS more.

So, where is the money going, you might be asking?? Chicago’s (currently voluntary) CCX. It is the Carbon exchange market that will be flooded with money (the CEO forecasts that it could be a $10 TRILLION market) after Cap and Trade passes. It turns a currently voluntary system (you have the choice) to a MANDATORY system (you have no choice). Why is that so bad, you might ask?? Well, let’s see who the people are behind it. Our esteemed President, along with Valarie Jarrett, funneled money from the Joyce Foundation to the CCX, which funded establishing the exchange. They did this while in Chicago’s notoriously corrupt political system. That gives our President, and his “closest advisor,” a stake in that exchange.

Who else might be investors in the exchange? Goldman Sachs. WOW, they are getting grilled by congress at the moment, to put “financial reform” out front. HMMM… who else?? Oh yeah, a British Company that happens to have our former VP, and current “Global Warming” alarmist, Al Gore. That might not be surprising to you, but the next one might…. FANNIE MAE. Why Fannie Mae? They bought the technology that makes running the exchange (remember, we’re buying air) possible. Why did Fannie buy that technology, since they are supposed to be about mortgages? Look into that. Fannie and Freddie were MORE RESPONSIBLE for the bundling of the mortgages that lead to the housing collapse. WHY AREN’T THOSE CEO’S BEING GRILLED? Just a question…. Read more…


Rasmussen Reports: 33% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

WashPo: Goldman Sachs adds to its ranks of lobbyists “The bank also has in place an external roster of high-powered lobbyists, including Richard Gephardt, the former Democratic House majority leader; his former aide Stephen Elmendorf, now of Elmendorf Strategies.”



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