"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." -- Mahatma Gandhi
Quote of the Day: "Talk Radio’s Stammering, Pausing Idiot" | Missouri Political News Service

Quote of the Day: “Talk Radio’s Stammering, Pausing Idiot”

April 22nd, 2010 by mopns · No Comments

 Talk radio’s stammering, pausing idiot?

St. Louis Tea Party co-founder Bill Hennessy had some rather unflattering remarks for conservative St. Louis talk show host Jamie Allman of 97.1 FM. Hennessy later deleted the post (which we have below via the minuteman blog) and issued this apology. Can we all just get along?

 STL Tea Party Co-founder Bill Hennessy

Talk radio’s stammering, pausing idiot, Jamie Allman, spent 10 hours—Ten Hours!—building up to some Horrible, Incriminating, “Blood in the water” expose of the St. Louis Tea Party on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. This was to be the THE JACO-ESQUE EXPOSE of 2010.  Jamie Allman, failed TV reporter, would show CBS brass just what they lost!


NEVER trust a hyperventilating man. Allman’s no exception.

Jamie is less than happy about the fact that he IGNORED my email to him on February 21, 2009.  He ignored my email, but others answered.  Others stepped up and led. Jamie laid back and waited like a timid little puppy.  (It might have been dangerous. The Tea Party at the Arch might have been lame. How would that make ME look? )

Anyway, Jamie Allman started Wednesday, April 21, 2010, on friggin’ FIRE!  He had the St. Louis Tea Party by the  . . .  by the . . . nads?   “Blood in the water,” he tweeted.  I am a REAL journalist! he yelled into the mirror.  Take THAT, CBS.

His guests:  The Rube Brothers who have an internet radio show that they pay to broadcast.  They PAY to broadcast.  (Because blogtalkradio.com just wasn’t POWERFUL enough for the Rube Brothers.) And Fredo.  (as in Fredo Corleone.)

So the Rubes spoke to Gina Loudon last night and Gina talked about the Ensuring Liberty, an organization trying to change Congress from Blue to Red (as in, from Marxist-Democrat to Conservative Republican).  Noble cause.  But the Rubes didn’t think so.  The Rubes are NOT the sharpest tools in the shed.  In fact, you get the feeling that when a shiny, sharp, new tool is introduced into their shed, they beat it ‘til it’s dull.

Well the Rubes concluded that St. Louis Tea Party passed buckets at the Tax Day Tea Party to raise money to send to Mitt Romney to impose RomneyCare on the US of A.

(“Deed you think a dat, Kayvin, are did ah?”)

Whatever. So Jamie Allman—ace reporter formerly of KMOV—jumped on The Story.

“Money changing hands at the St. Louis Tea Party!” he declared with glee.

With the piety of St. John Vianney, Jamie explained that “I strongly support the St. Louis Tea Party” and that he was exposing its Mortal Sins for All the World to Judge before the evil Post-Dispatch could get to it.

But the Post-Dispatch, with its many flaws, never pulled such a bait and switch. And the Post-Dispatch never throws its lefty friends under the bus for circulation.

But Jamie Allman is a man free of scruples.

“Fredo,” he said. (His fredo[1]name’s not really Fredo, btw.) “is upset to learn about money changing hands,” Allman continued.

“I’m not really worried about the money, Jamie,” said Fredo.

Of course not.  Nor was Jamie. But Jamie’s got some envy to settle.

In the end, Jamie Allman wrote a check his guests couldn’t cash. But Fredo and Rubes were revealed as publicity hounds who would do unnatural things to a dog like Allman in exchange for 5 minutes of air time.

P.S.  When will Jamie invite Jefferson County Tea Party founder, Ken Horton, on the air? Jamie encouraged Fredo and the Rubes to throw Ken under the bus.  Seems only fair that Jamie allow Ken to defend himself.


St. Louis Activist Hub: Conservatives Blast STL Tea Party for Astroturfing, Profitizing and Radicalizing the Movement

Hillbilly Logic: The Truth!

Facebook: Kevin Jackson “Gina and John Loudon are the biggest two crooks in St. Louis. Gina is saying that I hit on her (LOL!), spent her political capital (doesn’t exist), and wrote part of my book (as if!). She was worthless as a publicist (a FRAUD), and they will do ANYTHING for money, including using their “chirrens!” You want war LOUDON, you GOT it! I can back ALL my words up!”



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  • 1 County Pete // Apr 22, 2010 at 10:35 am

    Hennessy’s just trying to sell books. End of story.

  • 2 stlouisgal // Apr 22, 2010 at 11:22 am

    I don’t like the infighting. I think Allman was wrong on this one, I think the Hillbilly guys were right when they threw it back on Jamie yesterday during the interview. A real journalist would have gotten all the facts before he went with a story. This story made Allman look foolish, and if I am correct, I don’t think he mentioned it at all on the show today. That seems suspect to me as he was the one who stirred the pot.

  • 3 AnotherStLGal // Apr 22, 2010 at 11:39 am

    I agree that Jamie should have investigated further before airing this story, but I disagree that it absolves the Hillbilly guys from any guilt. If they were so concerned about fairness & balance then why were they so quick to go on the show and talk about it before even they had done more research.

    Also, if I recall correctly Jamie did put Mr. Hennessy on the air to address what was said.

    And I think he didn’t talk more about it today because he realized his mistake and didn’t want to “stir the pot” further by bringing it up again. I think he’s hoping it will just be forgotten. I don’t think it benefits any of us to keep talking about this publicly.

    I think the parties involved should get together privately, discuss the matter and make amends. We don’t need to continue to publicize this matter.

  • 4 Susan B // Apr 22, 2010 at 2:37 pm

    Jamie Allman Wow. Quite the reaction from some hothead TP Leaders today!
    I think it was because some of us questioned whether party political operatives are taking too much charge of the TP movement. It was the TP leadership’s association with a PAC that got some of us wondering what was up. It was also an interview with GIna Loudo…n by the Hillbillylogic.net guys that started it all.
    About two hours after I indicated we need to be asking for more transparency of the TP Political Action Committee–ELPAC–that Bill Hennessy, a nice guy turned sad psycho typist, let loose a tirade against me as a “failed reporter” who was jealous because I was not a Tea Party leader. A guy who finally found gainful employment within the past two years has a lot of nerve wizzing on 14 Emmys, but I’m used to that! And as for a Tea Party leadership thing I rejected the invitation last year because I always said, from day one, that it was not my position to be an activist. I have and always will be a broadcaster and I think I do plenty of bullhorning three hours a day so say what you will. I’m also really bad at wowing crowds. I’ve always had a lot of respect for Bill and the other leaders. It’s a shame he couldn’t handle his angst.
    That said I’ll also repost a response to another grassroots hero who also called me out for daring talk about this on the air in a fashion he didn’t see fit. he made special mention of my promise there would be “blood in the water” 🙂 (which was an awesome tease by the way)
    There was blood in the water, dude. It was caused by so many of you biting your way out of the undersea trap you set for yourselves by trashing people behind their backs and then publicly hanging people who question the people you trash. You haven’t even heard the full interview on Hillbilly.net, so before you and the rest start your little beer hall putsch you may want to consider there are some people doing the TP a huge favor by asking questions about a PAC that is far from transparent and since it’s connected with TP leadership it oughta be. Just wait until the interview is public. I was shocked..and I mean shocked by the negative reaction towards those who question whether political structures are tied too deeply into the TP. That’s ALL I’ve been hearing from a lot of you–behind the scenes, of course and on vague FB posts. Then when it gets front and center you attack the messengers. I know I didn’t know about the PAC but then again I don’t think I would have cared…until now..as so many people trash others for the temerity to ask questions and so many freedom loving individuals try to manage the “presentation” of embarrassing blatherings about how the PAC is used. Dissent not patriotic is it? Obama likes to close down parks during protests. You want to close down conversation?
    My solution is this and I’ll present this to Bill and Gina. Let’s see ALL the paperwork from the PAC and let’s see ALL who contribute and let’s see ALL who receive and let’s see ALL receipts. Let’s see it now and let’s see a pledge to make it available to the public from here on out. That way innocent, hard working people will not be harmed by suspicion or innuendo. And that way good people who have the same expectations of the TP leadership as they do of the U.S government won’t be smeared and threatened with lawsuits and otherwise trashed in this little game of high school.
    Bottom line: Don’t F*** with me. I ate political BSers for breakfast for 14 years and I smell bacon again.

  • 5 Stacie // May 18, 2010 at 5:03 pm

    Allman is a hothead. I guess he’s turning liberal and going with the “tea party is getting paid” by the republicans or whoever. From what was published on the tea party website, the pac couldn’t disclose anything because they hadn’t even formed yet. I guess mr. big shot local reporter missed that when he put his trust in two guys who, from what we can all see, would like to turn their gig into a show on that station. Slander has no place in broadcasting.

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