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Greyfalcon on Obama, Sharpton & Socialism | Missouri Political News Service

Greyfalcon on Obama, Sharpton & Socialism

March 25th, 2010 by mopns · No Comments

The Greyfalcon’s Blog:

Maybe Al should used some of that money he gets for the National Action Network to hire someone to do some internet research.

I thought socialism was a code word for “black” and was racist to use. So it’s OK for the race mongers to use it when they get what they want.  When Erik Rush identified Reverend Wright a Marxist, these people said that it didn’t reflect Obama’s views, and that making a connection between them ideologically was unfair.  Everything they said about the Tea Party opposing Obama because he was black was a premeditated rouse to defend an undefendable agenda.

Those of you in the media who called the Tea Protesters racially motivated when you had no proof, YOU ARE COWARDS.  If you had said that you thought Obama was a socialist in April of 2009, then there would have been no grounds to demonize the grassroots movement.

You who were in a position report on this great gathering of concerned citizen fairly, but choose to play into the Reverend Wright? Al Sharpton racial narrative, YOU HAVE DISHONORED YOUR NATION, AND WE WILL NOT FORGET THIS! Read more…


Video: Al Sharpton admits Obama = Socialism

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