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Skelton Stalker Turns Hartzler Into Top Gun? | Missouri Political News Service

Skelton Stalker Turns Hartzler Into Young Gun?

February 10th, 2010 by mopns · No Comments

A sad end to a LONG Career?  Rep. Skelton has resorted to hiring trackers to follow around his opponent Vicky Hartzler. Where do the Democrats find these freaks?


On Monday the National Republican Congressional Committee announced a new round of candidates had been added to its “Young Guns” recruitment program for meeting fundraising and campaign organization benchmarks to receive additional support from the party. Candidates first receive “On the Radar” status, then move up to “Contender” before reaching “Young Guns” status. Read more…


Rasmussen Reports: 63% Say Better for Country If Most of Congress Not Reelected



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  • 1 Greg Cowan // Feb 11, 2010 at 7:34 am

    There are three options if you are a conservative today in Missouri. Here they are in no particular order:

    Option 1. Vote for the latest republican candidate. This is the new and improved principled candidate that hears the people’s voices. Vote for someone like Dede in NY23 or Senator Scott Brown. She lost but he won and there isn’t a bit of difference between the two. He is a pro-choice, pro-amnesty, globalist. (A globalist is a politician or person who thinks its good to have free trade zones and most favored trading nation status with communists. A globalist is a politician or person that thinks it’s good for Americans to watch their jobs move overseas. A globalist is a politician or person who believes it is good that Americans lower their standard of living and compete on the same level playing field with third world sweatshop workers). Anyway, Senator Brown is a pro-choice, pro-amnesty, globalist. But, he is the 41st vote against the current Health care reform bill. He will also be the 60th vote for any health care reform bill that looks similar to the one he supported in Massachusetts. He is just a little to the right of the most left leaning liberal democrat. He is a career professional republican politician. The career professional republican politicians, who run the Republican Party, intend to do everything they can to beat the democrats and prevent the election of a third party candidate. They put before the voters, conservative candidates like Dede in NY23 and Scott Brown and John McCain. If that doesn’t work, then the career professional republican leadership resorts to scare tactics to influence their conservative party members who won’t support their liberal candidates. They hire prominent talk show hosts with millions of listeners to scare the people. The talk show hosts like Hannity and Limbaugh constantly tell the conservatives that a vote for the third party candidate will ensure a liberal democrat’s victory. They must convince the few remaining conservative members that the republican leadership just lost its way. But now, somehow, they have found their conservative roots again and the Republican Party can be reformed and transformed from the inside out. There is no need to change party leadership or parties! There are some people who believe that and I caution them to look at the history of the career republican politicians. We are in the mess we are in because of them; both the democrats and the republicans are to blame. The Republicans are as liberal and corrupted with power as the career democrats. Look at the Republican leadership. It has not changed. Whoopee, another broken contract with America, please. Where do I stand in line for this?

    Option 2. Vote for the democrat. Since there isn’t a nickel’s worth of difference between career professional republican politicians and career professional democrat politicians, lets just all get along and move quickly away from our Constitutional roots over the cliff toward fascism (government run businesses) and socialism (government run everything). Of course there is the Constitution that prohibits our government from doing most of the things that it is doing today, but let’s all just acknowledge that our Constitution is a bit of nostalgia and not really relevant to today’s issues. The legislative processes and restrictions that the Constitution imposes on our government are just to slow for today’s fast paced global society. Anyway, it is easier to steal from someone who doesn’t resist so put your Constitution away. Can’t we all just get along and be more civil to paraphrase the President. Please put away your constitution and hand your guns and your wallet to the nearest newly elected career professional republican or democrat. They can have my Constitution when they pry it from my cold dead hands!

    Option 3. Vote for the third party. Vote for the Constitution Party candidates. Vote for the third party that has ballot access. Throw the bums out! The Tea Party Movement doesn’t have ballot access. Third parties have a long history, dating back to the founding of our nation. President Lincoln was a third party candidate. Most recently, in 1992, a coalition of independent state political parties united to form a third national party. 20 million voters turned out to support that effort in 1992. A strong third party is not a new idea, it just happens to be the best idea today, again, and for the foreseeable future. After1992, more independent state parties organized in states that were not part of the original group of states. In 1999, this group of independent parties adopted the name “Constitution Party” to better reflect their position on the issues. Most states recognize the “Constitution Party” but there are a few groups that retained their original names including the California American Independent Party, the Nevada Independent American Party, the Michigan Taxpayers Party and the Connecticut Concerned Citizens Party. Current laws (passed by career professional republican and democrat politicians) in some states make it very difficult for third parties to organize or change their party name after they gain ballot access. The TEA party movement advocates many of the principles in the Constitution Party platform.

    Those are the choices before conservative republicans, democrats and independents today and in November. Push the “I believe you again and again button” and vote for the “latest” republican conservative re-tread; hold your nose and vote for the incumbent “moderate” democrat; or, vote for the other party, the “Constitution party”.

    Oh, there is a 4th choice. Sit things out. Stay on the sidelines. Don’t participate.

    When the republicans and democrats come for your guns and increase taxes in the name of “national security” and “health care reform” and they will, hand them your guns and your money, smile, and say thank you, may I have another, please.

    If there is anyone who thinks the republican politicians will not come for your guns, then think again of New Orleans and Katrina.

    There is no difference between a republican and a democrat politician.

    Greg Cowan
    Constitution Party Candidate for Missouri’s 4th district.

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