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Carnahan Allies Sink to New Low; Use USS Cole Footage to Attack Blunt | Missouri Political News Service

Carnahan Allies Sink to New Low; Use USS Cole Footage to Attack Blunt

February 8th, 2010 by mopns · No Comments

Is this the new civility that President Obama has been calling for lately? In a new low for an increasingly desperate candidate who has seen her lead shrink and disappear, Robin Carnahan’s allies on the kook left are running an ad targeting Roy Blunt that uses footage from the bombing of the USS Cole. Our question to the Carnahan camp and her slimy allies is what does this have to do with the congressman’s opposition to cap-and-tax?

The MOGOP released this statement this morning from Chairman David Cole:

“It is shocking and offensive that this group would use footage of a heinous attack that killed 17 Americans to smear Roy Blunt’s record and link opposition to cap-and-trade legislation to support for terrorism,” said Cole. “Missourians are tired of the kind of disgusting attack politics that Robin Carnahan and her allies are engaging in. Carnahan should immediately condemn this ad and demand that its removal from television.”


redstate.com: So Robin, tell us what part of Obamanomics you don’t like…

BBCW: The Obama Factor: St. Louis Globe-Democrat Getting Bored and Impatient with Robin Carnahan

Public Policy Polling:

Lisa Murkowski’s approval rating with independents is a negative 43/44 spread. Yet she still leads a generic Democratic opponent by 15 points, 42-27.

As odd as that may seem it’s not an isolated development in our polling. In November we found Roy Blunt’s favorability with independents at a pitiful 23/44 and Robin Carnahan’s at a still bad but much better 33/40. Despite that gap Blunt still led Carnahan 44-32 in the poll. Read more…



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  • 1 hemakesmesick // Feb 9, 2010 at 9:11 am

    How anyone can rubberstamp someone as evil as Roy Blunt is beyond me. He and the former president (I don’t use his name ever) bankrupted this country, it was under their sticky fingers that the entire mess we are now dealing with got started on an almost irreversable course.

    He is despicable. Keep it up and I may have to vote for one D this time around.

    Your defaming and childish pictures demonstrate desperation not knowledge or intelligence. Perhaps that works with your dumbed down religious right nimrods but it will backfire in time.

  • 2 Greg Zotta // Feb 9, 2010 at 1:00 pm

    We need to be energy independent as a matter of National Security. We need to drill & use other alternative methods, including nuclear to acheive that.We are hostage to OPEC. Cap & Tax or Clean Energy Bill is not the right approach. Unless your a Carnahan who has a Wind Farm. The Dems/Statists approach will raise our energy costs & give the Government more control over our lives. So this vet & anyone else that thinks the proposed Cap & Tax is the right approach needs to get better informed.

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