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Quote of the Day; Jetton: “I’m Not Stupid Politically” | Missouri Political News Service

Quote of the Day; Jetton: “I’m Not Stupid Politically”

February 3rd, 2010 by sclemons · No Comments

We cannot believe that Mr. Jetton’s attorneys are advising him to talk to the media. Why is he doing this? Seems pretty stupid to us.

STL Post Dispatch:

Jetton said he has no doubt that he’s the subject of the investigation, and he said he’s convinced he did nothing wrong.

Jetton said he, not Lograsso, decided to assign the bill to a committee headed by Rep. Bob Johnson, R-Lee’s Summit, who made no bones about not liking the legislation.

“Bob Johnson didn’t like Senator Bartle. And I didn’t much care for Senator Bartle. He was a pompous, arrogant senator and he liked to get his way,” Jetton said. “I knew that Johnson was not going to buckle under pressure from Bartle. Johnson wanted the bill. He specifically told me.”

“I really am befuddled how I can be looked at for this when I clearly know I never told anyone if they give me a donation I’d kill a bill,” he said. “I can think of a lot of occasions where I said I’m going to kill a bill or I’m going to pass a bill. But never have I told anyone if you’ll give me money, I’ll do this or that.” Read more…

Is this dude serious? Vito Corleone never killed anyone personally after he became the Don Rod. We’ll admit that even you aren’t THAT stupid Hot Rod!


The Pitch: Rod Jetton says strip club bill was doomed because he didn’t like Matt Bartle



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  • 1 hemakesmesick // Feb 4, 2010 at 7:43 am

    He WAS a politician. There in lies the problem. It never was about the “party”, the “cause”, or any of that “need to serve patriotic” crap the politician spouts as what drives him or her to pursue a political career. Get real.

    He, (Jetton and most politicians) needs to be the center of attention. It is all about the need to be the center of attention at all costs.

    Most are egocentrically, self serving, narcissistic, little, simple people. In ancient societies they would throw them into a volcano.
    Ancient peoples had no constitution and ridding themselves of these defective members of their society was deemed good for the collective masses. Rightfully so.

  • 2 Bulletinman // Feb 8, 2010 at 9:31 am

    Pray for this man.

  • 3 Brandi // Nov 16, 2012 at 11:47 am

    Why isn’t voting being made a grand misoisn?Because it’s not in the interest of many (Republican) local and state authorities to promote turnout. It’s pure power politics.To some extent there’s also just laziness involved, I guess, or rather inertia. And lacking funding. Or lacking willingness on the part of the state and local governments to assign funding. But that just brings us back to square one

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