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Quote of the Day: Sen. Lager: “You Don’t Fire Low-Level Employees and Protect Political Cronies”

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 “The most satisfying part of my job is to know what’s going to be in the morning paper before I go to sleep at night” –Nixon Communications Director Jack Cardetti

You’re absolutely right Senator! Maybe Mr. Cardetti’s above quote gives us a little insight into why no major publication in this state has written any editorials asking for his head. Yes, we admit we can sometimes be partisan, but this is beyond partisanship. This man – and the others involve in this stinky affair – flat out lied to the public! It is inconceivable to us why these people still have their taxpayer funded jobs! (Day 78 & counting) How are we to trust anything they tell us from here on out? Is it partisan to at least ask for truthfulness from our governor and from those that represent him?

Columbia Daily Tribune:

“And Lager said he believed DNR Director Mark Templeton and Jack Cardetti, the spokesman for Gov. Jay Nixon, should have been fired for their roles in the incident.

“You don’t fire low-level employees and protect political cronies,” Lager said. Lager said Templeton was head of the agency when it failed to quickly notify the public of dangerous bacteria in the lake. He said Cardetti “attempted to rewrite history and was caught in a lie” by first saying he did not know about the results and later admitting he was made aware of them.

Nixon suspended Templeton for two weeks and then reinstated him. Joe Bindbeutel, who was deputy DNR director at the time of the incident, was later fired by Nixon from another state job.

In addition, several lower-ranking employees were fired or suspended.” Read more…


Cardetti Keeps Job While 100 DNR Employees Get the Pink Slip – 2 Months Before Xmas!

Top 10 Things Heard on Jack Cardetti’s Voice Mail

“Heartless Jay” Fires State Employee On Same Day They Donate Kidney



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