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Top 15 Reasons Why You Should Care About Red Light Camera Enforcement

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The Liberty Restoration Project is sponsoring in Kansas City a protest against red light cameras. The event is scheduled for 11:30 am, December 26th at the Westport Coffee House to distribute supplies among participants. They will be providing fliers to educate drivers on how to fight their tickets.

Here are their top 15 reasons against red light camera enforcement:

1. No clear proof that red light cameras reduce accidents or save lives (but they usually do generate lots of revenue for the city!). [source]- http://www.motorists.org/photoenforce/home/nma-objections-to-photoenforcement/#

2. Red light cameras might actually cause more rear end collisions, because people brake suddenly at yellow lights to avoid red light camera tickets.

3. The red light camera system might not be functioning properly, or might not be properly calibrated, and you could get stuck with a bogus ticket as a result.

4. If somebody else is driving your car and runs a light, YOU are responsible for the ticket.

5. You might have a bunch of red light cameras along your daily route, and thus be unfairly targeted.

6. Most of the Kansas City red light cameras are located in areas with higher minority populations and lower income populations.

7. Cities and red light camera companies often reduce the green->yellow->red light cycle time (aka “signal timing”) at intersections so more people will run the light, and get a ticket, and pay the $100+ fine … and consequently increase revenue for the city and/or red light camera company that shares in ticket fine proceeds. An unfortunate side effect of this practice is an increase in accidents and injuries.

8. Steve Worley, the city traffic engineer who pushed for the red light camera system use, quit his job and went to work for the company that got the contract to supply red light cameras to the city. [source]-

9. City employees and other people with connections in city hall often get their tickets dismissed. But YOU still have to pay your fine.

10.Red light camera tickets are a bogus revenue generator for the city that ultimately comes out of YOUR paycheck.

11.If you supposedly run a red light and get issued a ticket, the ticket is mailed to you. What happens if the ticket gets lost in the mail? You’ll probably never know about the ticket until you’re arrested for failure to
pay the fine.

12.Hearsay (i.e. there is no certifiable witness to the alleged violation). “Ordinarily, if you wish to use a document or letter as evidence in court, you need to bring in a live person to testify as to its authenticity
and accuracy (and he can be cross-examined about the same, by your opponent). Without that ‘live’ authentication, the document would be ruled to be ‘hearsay,’ and it would be excluded from evidence.
There is an exception to the hearsay rule, for documents created by a government employee – but many of the documents the police present in court have been created by a private company’s employees, who have
no official duty to report accurately.” In other words, if you want to contest the ticket in court, you most likely would not win your case. source one – http://www.highwayrobbery.net/
source two – http://www.motorists.org/photoenforce/

13.This type of enforcement emphasizes ticket volume. [source] –

14.Red light cameras encourage artificially low speed limits, and adversely affect traffic flow. [source]

15.There are better alternatives to red light cameras. [source]-



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