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Broken Media: Silence on Climategate; Silence on Tourism Chief’s Past “Erratic Driving” Record | Missouri Political News Service

Broken Media: Silence on Climategate; Silence on Tourism Chief’s Past “Erratic Driving” Record

December 9th, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

“There are simply too many gaps in our current system. The way we handle drunken-driving cases in Missouri is broken. We must take bold and decisive steps to reform the way DWI cases are dealt with. We have a duty to protect Missouri families by improving every aspect of DWI enforcement, from the traffic stops that initiate cases to the sentences handed out by judges, and even the way records of offenders are kept.”

It’s been over 21 days since “Climategate” broke and there still hasn’t been any mention of the scandal on the three major network’s evening news programs. It’s been about that same amount of time since the Governor announced his new get tough measures against drunk driving and there has been deadpan silence to the fact that the Governor’s tourism director is apparently a habitual drunk driving offender:

Katie Steele-Danner, Gov. Jay Nixon’s Director of  Tourism, has refused to take a breathalyzer tests on TWO seperate occasions after being stopped by law enforcement for “erratic driving.”

Here are two examples from the Governor’s new proposals:

*Requiring repeat DWI offenders, drivers with a blood-alcohol level of.15 or above, and drivers who refuse to submit to a blood-alcohol test to be charged in a state court, as opposed to a municipal court.

*Making it a crime for any driver to refuse to submit to a blood-alcohol test.


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    Can you say unconstitutional? It must be suspended!

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