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Nixon Takes a Cue from Blunt, Press Praises Him for Fiscally-Conservative Actions | Missouri Political News Service

Nixon Takes a Cue from Blunt, Press Praises Him for Fiscally-Conservative Actions

November 2nd, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

If you have been reading the newspaper or watching the news lately, chances are you have heard that many state workers have lost their jobs as a cost-cutting measure implemented by Governor Nixon. What you have not heard, though, is that he has been cutting the budget elsewhere.

Much like former Governor Blunt, Nixon has made millions of dollars in cuts in health and education spending. Unlike Blunt, who was maligned in the press for his actions, Nixon has been praised for making tough decisions and being fiscally-conservative for eliminating state jobs, while many media outlets have entirely ignored his cuts to the medical and education portions of the budget.

Why aren’t they reporting on these cuts as they did when Blunt made the Medicare cuts in 2005? Is it because they are afraid they will have to scold Nixon for it as they did Blunt, lest they expose their clear bias? The harsh words they directed at Blunt for his (successful, may I remind you) attempts to save taxpayer money were unabashedly partisan attacks. Now they have a governor who shares their ideals – of course they won’t attack him.



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  • 1 Jay Austin Moore // Nov 4, 2009 at 6:45 am

    Why not an eMail onslaught toward the “on-air”
    talkinghead teleprompter-reading nitwit peabrained socialists in Saint Louis, Columbia, Springfield, and K.C ???

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