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Hgwy Patrol Agrees to Standardized Rules that Discourage Illegal Immigrant Profiling | Missouri Political News Service

Hgwy Patrol Agrees to Standardized Rules that Discourage Illegal Immigrant Profiling

October 20th, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

Graphic courtesy of BullMoose America

 “These new agreements promote public safety.” – Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano

Tony Messenger:

“Without fanfare last week, the Missouri Highway Patrol joined 66 other agencies nationwide in signing new agreements with the Department of Homeland Security continuing the process that was originally born out of political frustration.

The agreements – called 287(g) – still call for some local law enforcement officials to be trained as immigration officers. Those officers – about 18 state troopers in Missouri – can begin deportation proceedings after determining an arrest suspect is in the country illegally.

But in reaction to criticism from Hispanic activists and the federal Government Accountability Office, changes have been made to the agreements that are intended to discourage racial profiling.” Read more…

Boy, we sure know where Baghdad stands on this one! “[A] process that was originally born out of political frustration???” According to his article, The Highway Patrol agreed with 66 other jurisdictions to use a “standardized’ set of rules when dealing with suspected illegal aliens in their custody.

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Hmmm. Sergio Lopez above “spoke very little English” and “didn’t have a valid driver’s license,” but according to these new rules, law enforcement can’t attempt to determine his immigration status. Yeah, I feel safer already. Beware all you law abiding, gun toting, bible believing, pro life bumper stickers on your cars citizens. The highway patrol is going to have a lot more time on their hands.


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  • 1 Brittancus // Oct 20, 2009 at 1:51 pm

    Extraction by E-Verification will cause–expedited ATTRITION–without huge expenditures, without forced deportation. Agents of ICE only need to mobilize a large force of Auditors to investigate employer I-9 records. Especially if informants within, are on the payroll, having discovered suspicious individuals working there? Being responsive that there are severe monetary risks or even prison, for employing illegal employees? We surely need exemplary court sentences for companies that hire illegal labor. So when unable to support themselves as jobs are no longer available, they will leave by their own accord. NOW IS THE TIME TO COMMAND OUR RETICENT SENATE & CONGRESSMAN TO IMPLEMENT E-VERIFY PERMANENTLY FOR EVERYBODY IN THE WORKPLACE AT 202-224-3121. Also investigate the prestigious public watchdog legal group at JUDICIAL WATCH relating too sleaze and corruption in–ALL–government. CAPSWEB will explain to you about the risk of OVERPOPULATION.

    If we think about the monetary consequences of another AMNESTY, it will unbelievably stagger the mind. Not only will it legalize somewhere between 20 and 30 million more people, but it will attract millions of despondent people from across the border and other impoverished nation of the world. We are informed by politicians that it will be an impossible task to deport the huge numbers of illegal entrants already in the United States. But E-Verify can and will exclude illegal immigrants from the job market as it’s available to every business freely on the Internet. There should be no excuse for not using this immigration enforcement tool? Out government is failing to protect our borders or even the interior enforcement of our nation. Sheriff Joe Ariapo is a good example of our lawmakers catering to the open border zealots, as they have stripped his usage of the 287 g police enforcement detainment law. It’s a good thing that many of our state, county legislation cannot be nullified by federal accesses and corruption in the halls of Washington.

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