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“The Rodfather” & Talking Too much

October 19th, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

According to the K.C. Star, former speaker Rod Jetton’s nickname is “The Rodfather.” The ethically challenged ex speaker, who now runs a political consulting firm, (a firm he was also operating while speaker) must have fallen asleep during the scene in the Godfather movie where Vito admonishes Sonny for “discussing the family’s business in front of strangers.”

Either “The Rodfather” has a grand plan up his sleeve, or he’s dumber than we thought if he thinks he’s going to get a fair shake from The Star. Why would a man under such scrutiny – an possible future indictment – talk to the media in such length? Here’s a few gems from the article:

“I hear it all the time that I’m the ‘Wizard of Oz’ behind the curtain. I guess I should be flattered. Quite frankly … I don’t have any power. I can’t kill a bill. I can’t refer a bill,” Jetton said. “If I have any power, it’s because of one thing: I know how to run a campaign and win a race.”

“They’ve said this stuff about me for four or five years. I just keep doing it. I’m professional. I do what I’m supposed to do,”

“You have to register when you lobby them (lawmakers) to vote this way or that way,” he said. “I don’t do that. Nobody pays me to go tell a legislator how to vote.” Read more…

What do you want to bet that there’s a few more FBI agents this morning that are REALLY motivated after reading those comments in the morning paper. What arrogance! What stupidity!



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