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Ed Martin Out-Raises Incumbent Russ Carnahan by Nearly $40,000 | Missouri Political News Service

Ed Martin Out-Raises Incumbent Russ Carnahan by Nearly $40,000

October 16th, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

“The people of this district are fed up over job losses, crushing debt, giant government, and the reckless spending that Russ Carnahan is rubber stamping for Nancy Pelosi. Missourians are supporting our campaign because they want someone who will stand up for them in Washington. Their contributions are sending a message to Congress and Congressman Carnahan that “enough is enough.”

Upstart Ed Martin released some impressive numbers last night. Not only did he out-raise his opponent Congressman Russ Carnahan by nearly $40,000, his nearly 600 individual supporters doubled the number of individuals who have ever contributed to Carnahan’s campaigns in a single quarter. It’s definitely time for a politician to go when he equates questioning Obamacare with “attack[ing] our representative system of Govt.” Nice job Ed!


Video: Cong. Carnahan: “Protesting ObamaCare is An Attack On Our Representative System of Govt”

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  • 1 jokesonus // Oct 17, 2009 at 1:47 pm

    Oh brother. Ed Martin wants to return us to the wonderful policies of the Bush Administration. Gosh, they did such a bang up job plunging us all into an economic depression complete with no jobs, no health care, a banking failure, a housing crisis, two wars….I can’t wait to return to THAT!!

    Shut up.

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