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Is the Post-Dispatch on the Take from Trial Attorneys?

September 28th, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

Post Dispatch continues to advocate for the preservation of smoky, behind closed door MATA meetings to choose our judges.

For the second time in less than a month, the liberal St. Louis Post-Dispatch wrote an editorial praising the lawyer-controlled Missouri Plan and attacked reformers. Only one of three possibilities could make the Post-Dispatch write a second editorial in less than a month: 1. They have nothing else to discuss; 2. Eddie Roth, the lawyer who wrote the first editorial, didn’t write well enough to please Judge Michael Wolff, who has boasted for years about his personal relationship with the Post-Dispatch; 3. They are being paid with legal advertising to continue to do the bidding of wealthy trial attorneys.

They say that we should stay with the current system rather than “cut ordinary citizens and respected lawyers out of the judicial selection process and put partisans and power brokers in charge.” Are they unfamiliar with the current system, one that has no input from anyone other than partisans and power brokers until after the judges have already been appointed? Today’s editorial appears to support judicial elections, which would put power completely in the hands of Missouri citizens.

Why is it always elite lawyers who get a financial benefit from gaming the system that are always the first to rush to the “rescue” of a flawed plan when anyone proposes change? Could it be because such change threatens their control, and therefore their wallets?

Maybe 2010 will be a year to put the people in charge and reject commissions which operate in secret and leave Missourians in the dark.


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