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A Blunt Joke Gets Sharp Attention | Missouri Political News Service

A Blunt Joke Gets Sharp Attention

September 21st, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

Congressman Blunt’s “monkey” joke gaffe over the weekend illustrates what can happen  to a Republican politician when they lack African Americans on their staffs or in their inner circle of advisers. Do we believe that Congressman Blunt is a racist? Of course not! But a trusted African American aide or adviser would have most likely taken the Congressman aside and said something to him like this:

“Mr. Congressman, I know you’re not a racist, and the folks that you’re speaking to are not racists and they know that you’re not a racist, but if you give that particular line in that speech, you will be offering a beach ball size softball to give to your critics and the mainstream media. You may want to consider using another anecdote in your speech.”

Unfortunately for Mr. Blunt’s campaign, the news media will focus on his gaffe and will connect it neatly to the charge that opponents of the president’s policies are racists. Meanwhile, Robin Carnahan will duck and hide and continue to not give any policy positions.



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