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Monsanto’s High Street Project Hits Low Point; “Hasta Lavista, Linda?” | Missouri Political News Service

Monsanto’s High Street Project Hits Low Point; “Hasta Lavista, Linda?”

September 14th, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

Yesterday Governor-elect Nixon announced Linda Martinez was his choice to lead the Missouri Department of Economic Development. The question all Missourians are asking themselves today is, “With the announcement of a pro-illegal immigrant DED director, is Missouri taking a step backwards?”– MRP press release

First off. How sad is it that a newspaper’s gossip columnist breaks the news that a major figure in “No Way Jay’s” government is being forced out?

The rumors were so specific today that one source said Martinez was told she could put whatever spin she wanted on leaving, but that she needed to do it before the legislative veto session begins on Tuesday.

It looks like the MRP was right, we did take a step backwards with Martinez & Monsanto leading the DED. We warned the Nixon Administration back in January about Linda Martinez’s baggage, baggage which included her flagrant flip flops on illegal immigrationsuggestions that St. Louis City and St. Louis County merge, and her nomination’s alienation of the African American community. This latest disrespect of a minority by Jay Nixon is certainly going to alienate Hispanic leaders. Boy, this is getting ugly!


Monsanto Company Kicks Off Nixon’s High Street Project



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