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MOPNS Readers Say Release the Surveillance Video Governor!

August 11th, 2009 by sclemons · No Comments

The results from last week’s weekend poll have been tabulated. We asked the question, “Should Gov. Nixon be Required to Turn Over His Office Surveillance Tapes to the Media?”  Seventy nine percent of our readers answered YES. Eighteen percent answered NO, and three precent said they don’t care. (Likely SEIU members…less evidence the better!)

Here’s an excerpt from today’s MOGOP release on Governor Nasty’s obstinacy:

“Nixon’s lack of openness is now unmistakable, as he continues to refuse to release videotapes that could show meetings with DNR officials that his office claims never took place. His decision to withhold this evidence from the public has garnered criticism from lawmakers, the media, and the current Attorney General, who believes the request was “legitimate” (and who will release his report into Sunshine Law violations by the DNR later this week).

This is the same Jay Nixon who, as Attorney General, claimed that “open government is the best government.” Nixon also supported a bill that would strengthen penalties for breaking the Sunshine Law—even unknowingly. But now the tables are turned, and Nixon is the center of an investigation for his attempts to hide the truth.”



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