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Weekend Poll Question

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  • 1 Brian Rushing // Aug 2, 2009 at 12:41 pm

    NO! This isn’t benefitting the tax payers, it’s benefitting the Unions and those who can afford to buy a brand new car at our expense. The constant bailout of an industry doomed by it’s own actions is offensive and idiotic all wrapped up into one big package. The fact that these politicians had NO IDEA that the program would go broke so quickly also adds to my skepticism of a government run healthcare system as well (but that’s another story). Now we’re in a rob from Peter to pay Paul situation where money designated for one project is diverted to another for political points where it’s only helping in a few areas of the country. The real way to stimulate the economy is to put the money in the hands of those who have no choice in balancing a budget-THE PEOPLE! There are many other things I would spend money on because my car works just fine, my house on the other hand needs repairs, I need a new refrigerator, since I have a new child at home a few more square feet of room wouldn’t hurt any either and finally, my business could use some new equipment as well. In short the government doesn’t know what my needs are (nor do they care), but I do. Thanks for letting me vent.

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