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Two Jobs Down, Three Thousand to Go!

July 30th, 2009 by MarkTwain · No Comments

Earlier in the week, we told you about the grand total of TWO temporary jobs Governor Nixon created in Boone County thanks to federal stimulus dollars. We say temporary, because once the stimulus funding runs out, these temporary job will most likely be eliminated. Is this “Governor Nasty’s” plan? Create two jobs at a time, while three thousand Chrysler workers remain idle after the closure of their plant last month?

Those same Chrysler worker protested the closure of their plant at a massive rally last Friday at the closed plant. The workers were especially upset that their jobs are headed for Mexico. Being strong supporters of free speech and the Tea Party Movement, we heartily encourage citizens to exercise their constitutional right of free assembly. We just hope that the workers realize that the company they are protesting against is no longer owned by “greedy, capitalist hedge fund managers,” but by the United States Federal Government. Their government, and the candidate they supported for president, are to blame for their jobs heading south of the border.

The loss of these jobs will have a devastating economic effect on the African American community, a community that Gov. Nixon has infamously ignored and disrespected (with a little help from his friends) his entire government career. We’ve already witnessed residents in the inner city St. Louis demanding to work on construction projects in their own neighborhoods. In a community with already high unemployment, these layoff will have a devastating effect on a community the governor seems to not care too much about.

From The St. Louis American:

John Bowman, chief of staff for state Sen. Robin Wright-Jones, said the economic impact of the plant’s closing in the black community is double than in the white community.

He said the Department of Economic Development estimated that a plant closing forces at least five other businesses to close in a community. “In the black community, it’s twice as many,” he said.

Bowman, who worked at the Chrysler plant for 31 years, attended the rally to let protesters know that Wright-Jones supports the UAW’s effort to force Chysler to reconsider its decision to close the Fenton plant.

“We are sick and tired of this, and we want our jobs back here,” Bowman said. Read more…



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