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DEVELOPING: U City Voters Group to Hold Press Conference on Ethics Complaint Against City Government

July 30th, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

This afternoon, members of University City Residents for Transparency and Accountability will hold a press conference on the steps of City Hall to explain their recent ethics complaint against their city’s government. The group filed the complaint earlier today alleging that a recent mailer supporting Proposition S, a proposed tax increase that will be decided this Tuesday, violates state laws against non-disclosure and the use of public funds to support ballot measures.

“If we receive propaganda in the mail, we have the right to know who paid for this information,” said Paulette Carr, spokesperson for University City Residents for Transparency and Accountability. “This isn’t an educational mailer – it’s an advocacy piece and an illegal one at that.”


UCityParticipate.org: Who Paid for the Propostion S Brochure?

University City mayor and 14th Dist. Senate candidate Joe Adams

Sunshine response about Prop S brochures. On July 17 U City Manager sends an e-mail,

It has not been printed yet nor have we received any bills, but when we do I will. I  have requested the final digital version be placed on the web so he should be able to view before the mailing comes out. (read the e-mails)

Memo from City Manager to Mayor July 17 “The Proposition S brochure will be mailed this week…”  (read the memo)

Brochures arrive in U City mailboxes July 18
Tax dollars used to design, print, and mail the brochure. (view the brochure)
Copies of invoices dated June 30 and July 20  (view)

STL Post Dispatch: U. City sales tax proposal stirs spat

Even Liberals Are Tired of Tax & Spend; U. City Residents Call for State Audit of City Government



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