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Claire Offers Apology to Protesters; Later Pledges to Take Away Their Gun Rights | Missouri Political News Service

Claire Offers Apology to Protesters; Later Pledges to Take Away Their Gun Rights

July 21st, 2009 by MarkTwain · No Comments

via Instapundit:

“I still regret the way we handled the protest, and hope that all those that want to express themselves feel free to protest peacefully at our office anytime. We will make every effort to meet with your representatives and hear your concerns. While we did talk to 7 folks on Friday, I wish we could have greeted everyone at the beginning and brought part of the group in for a meeting right away. I think we learned from Friday and will do better in the future. In return I hope those that are protesting refrain from banging on the windows and doors continuously. Thanks so much.” – Sen. McCaskill

“No you can’t stand in front of anyone’s office and scream. That’s pretty much a no brainer.” – MOPNS reader comment

Since the drive by media totally ignored the “Obamacare” protest at McCaskill’s office, the “new media” – and citizen activists alike – should be very proud of themselves for forcing this contrite apology from the Senator. This article in Roll Call may give us a clue as to why Claire and the staff are afraid of their constituents. She hasn’t had a chance to take away their guns yet!

A threatened Democratic filibuster of a gun rights amendment to the Defense authorization bill has once again highlighted the deep divide between Democratic Senators who favor stiff gun controls and those who back more lenient regulations.

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) said Monday that she would vote against the Thune amendment, noting that gun laws should remain a state issue. Liberal Senators hope McCaskill’s opposition is an indicator of how other independent-minded Members, such as Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.), might vote. Read more…

A Democrat filibuster!!! Aren’t these people in charge now?


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