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Jiminy Cricket Dave!

July 6th, 2009 by mopns · No Comments


Full time Nixon ass kisser extraordinaire – and part time KY3 “reporter”- Dave Cantanese has graced us again with his “Week 25 grade” of Gov. Nixon. This week, Mr. Nixon rates a “B+” in the star struck eyes of Mr. Cantanese. (The check must have been late this week.)

No mention by Mr. Canatanese of the public excoriation Nixon received at the hands of his fellow Democrat, Ray Salva, for his failure to reform the fee offices.  As you may recall, Salva told the KC Star: “It’s all politics… Don’t let anybody fool you.”     This is a serious break from the party line and one of the few instances of noteworthy criticism being publicly leveled against Nixon from his side of the aisle.

 This omission by Catanese is especially apparent considering that last week, he cited Gary Nodler’s sympathetic comments on state budget cuts to justify Nixon’s unusually high grade.  Somehow, Republican praise can raise a grade, but Democratic criticism doesn’t even merit a mention.



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