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Claire Plays “Criticize the Administration for Free” Card | Missouri Political News Service

Claire Plays “Criticize the Administration for Free” Card

June 17th, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

Sen. McCaskill was one of the earliest  supporters of Barack Obama during the campaign last year. For Claire Bear to come out and criticize the administration’s illegal firing of America Corp’s Inspector General yesterday, certainly means that this is a serious matter. A matter so serious that Claire took a look at the political tea leaves and didn’t like what she saw.

What did she see? Conservative Missourians (of both parties) leaving her in droves if she is seen as supporting King Obama’s total disregard of the rule of law. As our title suggests, Claire has played her get out of jail free card, so we’re not likely to see much criticism of the Administration from her in the future. Remember, Obama and Rahm Emanuel are from Chicago, a place where dirty and hardball politics are practiced with a honed precision. Be careful Claire!


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