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Quote of the Day: “Let’s Hope [GM] Can Be Resuscitated by Being Temporarily Nationalized” | Missouri Political News Service

Quote of the Day: “Let’s Hope [GM] Can Be Resuscitated by Being Temporarily Nationalized”

June 3rd, 2009 by MarkTwain · No Comments

Want a glimpse into why APPOINTED Senator Jean Carnahan only served one half of a term?

“With the passing of the old General Motors, I feel like my family lost a true and reliable friend.

Having been a “friend” of GM for so many years, it was painful to learn that the company would be declaring bankruptcy. With $172.8 billion in debt and only $82.29 billion in assets, there was no other recourse.”

Former Senator Carnahan and the other leftists/socialists in the Democrat Party were never “friends” of General Motors. They were friends of the United Auto Workers who ran this once proud and storied company into the ground with their unreasonable wage demands and benefits over the years. The bankruptcy of GM is the final bill coming due.

What other industry can you be temporarily laid off and still receive almost all of your pay? Or trains you (on their dime) for new job skills? Name another industry where once you retire from the company, the company still pays 100% of your healthcare?And please spare us the argument that management was just as culpable because they made gas guzzler cars and other “bad management decisions.” The media never seems to tell you that American car makers made gas guzzlers because they were the only cars that were profitable due to the high legacy costs associated with building an American automobile.

I was listening to NPR last week after the GM workers approved a new contract and this is a direct quote from one of them: “When I first started at GM I was making $14.xx an hour, now with this new contract, I’m stuck at $16.xx until 2015.

With the unemployment rate approaching 10%, do you know how many people would love to have a job and be “stuck at $16.xx” an hour? Sounds like they still don’t get, doesn’t it?


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