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Quote of the Day: “There’s a Surprising Amount of Discontent Among St. Louis Democrats” | Missouri Political News Service

Quote of the Day: “There’s a Surprising Amount of Discontent Among St. Louis Democrats”

May 5th, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

Yesterday, as FiredUp Missouri tried to spin us that everybody loves Jay, they must have received a tip that St. Louis Democrat blogger and STL Business Journal columnist Dave Drebes would gives us the real scoop today:

“There’s a surprising amount of discontent among St. Louis Democrats when you ask them about Gov. Jay Nixon’s job performance.

The grievances range from seemingly minor things like not having phone calls returned to broader misgivings like the accusation that he’s ducking issues truly important to the region

Jeff City politicians, for example, admire Nixon’s ability to navigate turbulent issues with minimal damage to his own standing. For some of them, this is a Nixon strength — no unforced errors.

But these politicos also assume that Nixon’s neglect of St. Louis issues is a strategic choice of positioning. And they think it’s smart. By staying away from explicitly urban issues, he can woo rural voters who are seen as essential to a Democrat winning statewide. Meanwhile, what’s the risk? Read more…

In other words, Jay seems to be saying “screw you loyal African American Democrats, I DON’T NEED YOU till 2012!”


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  • 1 Paul Ground // May 7, 2009 at 10:58 am

    I’m seeking the surprise in this story and missing it. Didn’t we all know that Jay’s primary political principle was his personal political prosperity? For years I’ve heard it said that when he first ran for the Senate, Nixon wanted to run as a Republican, but couldn’t get the nomination and so, in a typical demonstration of Nixonian principle, simply ran as a Democrat. Thus, a certain irony attaches to Jay’s current pairing with best pal Chris Koster, a former member of the Republican State Committee.

    And Jay Nixon is one of the leading proponents of the plantation theory of Democratic politics. He never thought he owed black democrats anything, including any share of power. Like many white Democrat politicians, he throws a little money at the black community, then says, “There. Now be sure to vote Democrat at the next election.”

    In some ways, Chris Koster is Missouri’s Arlen Specter. Nixon, on the other hand, is our Bill Clinton — except without the charm, good looks, brains, or eloquence. Or, as far as we know, the cigar.

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