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Tea Parties, What Tea Parties?

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AFPMissouri “Limited government supporters won a victory today! Missouri House passes tax cut. Needs Senate acceptance next week or two.”

markparkinson “SB 71 Passes the MO House…major victory for the taxpayers of Missouri. Congratulations taxpayers, you are the true winners today.

Missouri taxpayers are getting ever closer to receiving their $500 refund check that the federal government is sending them via the Missouri legislature. Remember, this is the same borrowed and printed “stimulus” money that conservative activists were fuming about a couple weeks ago at the tea parties.  Most conservatives support “redistributing” money back to the taxpayer when the government has surpluses, because theoretically, surpluses mean the government has taxed us too much.

LLoyd Smith, executive director of the MOGOP was quoted yesterday as saying that “It’s always good to keep your grass roots involved” and we wholeheatedly agree with his assessment. To be candid, we’re not seeing a lot of support from Missouri’s conservative grassroots and blogosphere for refund checks. Maybe they understand that we’re robbing our children and grandchildren’s future with short term political gimmicks.

The Republican brand is broken nationwide because of perceived weaknesses in fiscal discipline during the Bush years. What a statement the Missouri House could have made by placing this money in the rainy day fund or sending it back to the federal government. Even if this couldn’t have been done legally, it might have gone a long way in shoring up a disgruntled base in southwest Missouri.


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“No, I’m not advocating a coup against the country. I’m advocating a coup against the Republican Party. And not so much an overthrowal as an infiltration and reform.” – Erick Erickson

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