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Talent: “Pentagon Cuts Are About Budget Pressure” | Missouri Political News Service

Talent: “Pentagon Cuts Are About Budget Pressure”

April 22nd, 2009 by MarkTwain · No Comments

While President Obama and Roy Temple kiss up to dictators, Former Sen. Talent explains in this National Review Online piece, about the ever increasing threats in the real world!

From NRO:

“Moreover, in virtually every category of risk, the dangers are demonstrably growing: China has built a huge nuclear-submarine base. Beijing has been acquiring Russian-built carrier-killer missiles for years and is now developing its own long-range variants. Russia invaded Georgia last August, Iran gets closer to a nuclear military capability every day, North Korea is developing a longer-range missile, the bipartisan Commission on Weapons of Mass Destruction unanimously found last December that the terrorists would have a nuclear or biological weapon within five years, northern Mexico is growing closer to anarchy because of drug cartels, the piracy threat has obviously become a major concern — the list is long.”


Gateway Pundit: Change!… Obama Guts Defense Spending During War– Increases Domestic Youth Brigade Forces Threefold



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