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The Cure Worse Than The Illness

March 9th, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

 “Bad Luck Schleprock”

Why do Democrats good intentions (such as raising taxes) always seem to backfire and make a problem worse? Remember the infamous “luxury tax” from the early 1990’s:

From an Advertiser Tribune article (Ohio)

“In 1991, a 10-percent excise tax was enacted on the portion of sales prices higher than $30,000 for automobiles, $100,000 for boats and yachts, $10,000 for furs and jewelry, and $250,000 for airplanes.

It was part of a deficit-reduction plan – and a tax hike not vetoed by President George H.W. Bush. But a study for the Joint Economic Committee concluded job losses due to the tax cost the government $24.2 million in unemployment benefits and lost income tax revenues. Subtract the revenue from the luxury tax, and the net loss in the 1991 fiscal year was $7.6 million.

Oops. If the idea was to increase tax revenues, it backfired. However, even if the goal was to sock it to the rich, the luxury tax still ended up hurting the working class.”

Well our Democrat friends are at it again. This piece from SNL political reporter Chad Livengood demonstrates how they are now singlehandedly destroying the ATV business due to concerns of lead paint on the recreational vehicles. Good grief!

At Neosho Powersports, a sign on the showroom floor next to a row of youth-size all-terrain vehicles and dirt bikes reads: “These items are not for sale.”

Such is the case for the nearly 13,000 powersports dealers in the country who sell small ATVs and mini-motorcycles for children under 12.

That’s because the federal government has — at least temporarily — banned the sale of them, leaving dealers with an estimated $100 million in merchandise they can neither sell nor return to the manufacturers.

“Right now, we’re just sitting on bikes that we can’t sell,” said Mary Brixey, general manager of Neosho Powersports, which also owns Destination Powersports in Marionville, where more than a dozen bikes and four-wheelers also sit off limits.

Federal officials are not as concerned about children falling off the fast-moving machines as they are about whether the lead contained in the parts can end up in a child’s mouth and poison him or her. Read more…


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