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HillBuzz: “What Stupid Thing Has Claire McCaskill Done Now?” | Missouri Political News Service

HillBuzz: “What Stupid Thing Has Claire McCaskill Done Now?”

March 5th, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

Our Favorite Dem blog (next to FiredUp Missouri of course) again takes shots at the “Claire Bear.”

From HillBuzz:

Claire McCaskill is, bar none, the absolute worst United States Senator we’ve had in at least a generation.

That’s really saying something.

Because, in recent years, we’ve had Senators who’ve embarrassed themselves in bathrooms, ridiculed American tourists to Washington as “smelly”, been blackmailed by rent boys, gotten caught in prostitution stings, and been indicted for various and sundry things too myriad to recount. And that’s not even mentioning the senior Senator from Massachusetts, who thinks Oldsmobiles are boats.

And yet, somehow, Missouri’s own Claire Bear still manages to be the most terrible person in a body that truly sets a new standard for terrible, on a regular and daily basis (especially when its members vote on Trillions in spending without bothering to read or understand what they’re actually voting Yes on).

McCaskill’s been outed as a tax cheat. Read more….


A few comments from the post:

Betty: “Look at the love in those eyes. How much kool aid must one consume to get to that state? Never cared for Claire and her raccoon eyes.”

KJMontana: “If you put a thought bubble over her head (providing she actually DOES think) it would say: “Oh, my lovely Barack…even the back of your head gives me tingles.”

Maidyalook2: “Barack, my love, I”ll be your love puppy!!!” Or, “Can I see your real Stimulas Package?”

JackDaddy: “She looks like the love child of Helen Thomas and Abe Vigoda.”



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