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“Ohio’s Great! Thanks Mom!” | Missouri Political News Service

“Ohio’s Great! Thanks Mom!”

February 24th, 2009 by MarkTwain · No Comments

Email we received last night:

I just learned tonight that next to the union bug on printed materials is a small number.  I understand that number corresponds with a specific print shop. Unions assign each shop a label number.  Based on the Ohio postmark that has been on all of Travis Reems’ mail in the 25th Ward Aldermatic race, this is the print shop/mail house he’s using: www.hotcards.com.  Looks like its a one stop shop including mailing lists. This all explains why on his report, released today, he’s reimbursing himself with the $10,000 loan from his mother.

Better to try to hide it than show a report spending $10,000 in Ohio for a St. Louis Missouri Alderman’s campaign.

But to make all campaign expenditures a reimbursement to the candiate?  Seems to defeat the purpose of an ethics report. This kind of thing is bad, and it gives a bad name to St. Louis City politics and Democrats in general.

I’m not completely sure it’s illegal, but I have a “technical” term for this kind of crap: “Smarmy”.
I hope you will support tranparency in campaign ethics and buy local.

ps:  Keep in mind that this is the same guy who has overstated his involvement in various organizations and just seems to have a grey ethical area:


Suburban Journals: Business, neighborhood groups attack 25th ward aldermanic candidate



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