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“Thug” Slay Scheduled to Attend Black History Month Fundraiser Hosted By Former State Rep. Betty Thompson | Missouri Political News Service

“Thug” Slay Scheduled to Attend Black History Month Fundraiser Hosted By Former State Rep. Betty Thompson

February 18th, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

Former State Rep. Betty Thompson is holding a Black History event  for Mayor Frances Slay (insert joke here) tomorrow (February 19th) at her son’s construction business. The address is Kwame Building Group, 1204 Washington Avenue, Suite 200.

We hear there’s free admission to those who bring a donut!


Hi five man! Aren’t these Black folks stupid? I bought Betty Thompson for $2,500!

And to continue with the St. Louis theme here. You know your standing in the African American community is pretty low when mortal enemies Sylvester Brown of the Post Dispatch, and the St. Louis American agree that Mayor Francis Slay is a “thug”.

St. Louis American:

“On this Sunday in campaign season, however, a large black man in a suit – apparently, a police escort on duty – directed churchgoers away from the direct path to the donuts.

“We were told to make a turn and go down this wall, so we had to come up the middle of the cafeteria – and there was the mayor standing there in the way,” said one churchgoer, who did not appreciate the interjection of partisan politics at a church event.” “You literally had to talk to the mayor to get your donuts.” Read more…

 STL Post Dispatch columnist Sylvester Brown:

Slay, who’s seeking re-election, apparently saw city License Collector Mike McMillan as a viable challenger. Slay and his campaign manager, Jeff Rainford (who’s taken a temporary leave as Slay’s chief of staff), admitted making calls to their supporters. They also admitted hiring a Chicago firm that specializes in “highlighting opponents’ weaknesses.

In Wagman’s story, city tax collector Gregory F.X. Daly attributed Slay’s style of politics to lessons learned while playing soccer at St. Mary’s High School.

I don’t know much about sports, but I seriously doubt if you win soccer games by intimidating the opposing team’s supporters or attempting to dig up dirt on aggressive players. Seems like thuggery to me.” Read more…


West End Word: Slay looks to local filmmakers to help in re-election bid

“Mayor Francis Slay just couldn’t help repeating himself. Time and time again he walked from left to right, put his hands on his hips and laughed a remarkably relaxed, non-phony laugh. Time and time again.

Here he comes again! He is “so cute,” declared Richard Callow, owner of Public Eye, a public relations firm that works with Slay.”

West End Word: Former alderman Irene Smith: My only opponent is Slay

 “Slay’s decision to fire George was “not malicious” in nature but it was certainly “deliberate” and “political” in that he knew it would inflame passions in the black community, Smith said. Slay was carrying out the wishes of Local 73, the union that predominately represents the department’s white firefighters.”



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