"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." -- Mahatma Gandhi
Quote of the Day: Rep. Bryan Stevenson: “I’m Not Prejudiced In Any Way” | Missouri Political News Service

Quote of the Day: Rep. Bryan Stevenson: “I’m Not Prejudiced In Any Way”

February 12th, 2009 by MarkTwain · No Comments

What a freaking IDIOT!


Turner Report: Stevenson: I’m not prejudiced in any way

From Political consultant John Hancock’s 2008 Election analysis: (page 4 & 5)

“The McCain map may be the last time ever that Republicans carry the state with a ‘George W. Bush style” electoral map that maximizes rural votes while allowing the cities and suburbs to steadily become more and more Democratic.”

“The Lieutenant Governor’s campaign between Republican incumbent Peter Kinder and Democrat State Representative Sam Page of St. Louis provides the best road map for a winning Republican statewide campaign for the future… A major difference in the Kinder campaign was a sustained emphasis on African American outreach.”

Video: Shamed Dogan: “Why Republicans have trouble attracting minority voters”

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  • 1 Paul Ground // Feb 12, 2009 at 5:12 pm

    Shamed hit the nail on the head for the most part. I have but one reservation.

    With all due respect, it’s not irrelevant to say that the Republican party was formed, at least in part, to fight the oppression of black America, and has never quit the fight. It’s worth remembering that not only did the Civil Rights Act of 1964 — the first Civil Rights Legislation since immediately after the Civil War — pass with more Republican than Democrat votes. It was Republicans who broke the filibuster. And two of those who filibustered were Al Gore’s dad and Robert Byrd, still a member of the Senate and of the Democratic Party.

    Having said that, however, we can’t keep winning elections with the votes of white men. It’s a shrinking demographic. Unless we explain to hispanic Americans, black Americans and Asian Americans why they should support Republicans, they won’t. And if they don’t, the 45% white and 22% white male electorate will never elect a Republican.

  • 2 Christopher Arps // Feb 12, 2009 at 5:25 pm

    Comment taken from a “Missouri Matters” post”

    “I can’t name ONE conservative person – not ONE – who doesn’t desire more blacks (or any other non-white minorities) within the Republican Party”


    I sincerely believe in my heart that most white Republicans feel this way. But what I and many Black Republicans experience is the following. One, when there is any kind of outreach by Republican elected officials, they usually find a “psuedo” Black Republican to steer the efforts or they’ll completely bypass people like me, and others that are in the trenches taking the arrows, and they’ll try and find a prominent Democrat to pick off that will support them. They honestly still believe that if they can just get one prominent Democrat to support them, the rest of us will fall in line like dominoes. Scooter has told me that Texas Senator Kay Baily Hutchinson is notoriously famous for constantly doing this down there. That tired old “outreach effort” has been tried for years to no avail.

    Second, I’m frankly tired of being called a week before an election to attend a chicken dinner outreach banquet or standing behind the president as a photo op at a campaign rally. It’s amazing to many of us how some Republican operatives can be removed from one prominent govt. job because of the controversy they caused, but then later are given another position in state government – at a higher pay level! Or other Republican operatives can resign from their govt. positions but can later start their own consulting firms making thousands of dollars from the same administration they were literally forced to leave! Or other operatives that are marginal at best, but are continually offered jobs on campaigns and ownerships in political firms. But we’re told “wait your turn, or, “it’s not your time yet.” If we want a good job somewhere, mysteriously none are available or “we’ll get back to you,” (like a 90k position on the probation & parole board that a Black Republican I know was lead to believe that he was going to be appointed to but just so happened was given to someone else) or its some pencil pushing back room job. Prime example, say what you may about Dwight Billingsly and his sometimes abrasive columns in the Post Dispatch, here is a man that has a Yale undergraduate degree and a Harvard MBA! After calling the Blunt Administration out on the carpet in his column about their lack of minorities, Billingsly was offered a low level staff job in the Department of Economic Development. A man with two Ivy league degrees! Or Shamed Dogan, another Yale graduate who’s worked for the national party, Senator Talent, and has run for office himself, is now still unemployed.

    I hate to sound like the angry black man, cause I’m not, my firm does very well (not in Missouri coincidentally) And it’s not about wanting a handout or Affirmative Action. (’cause I don’t want anything I didn’t earn) I support heartily the principles of conservatism such as entrepreneurship, limited government and a strong military. I would never feel at home in the Democratic Party. But if the party wants my support and they want me to come out publicly, they’ve got to earn it now, because being a “team player” and waiting my turn has gotten us nowhere and it’s gotten really old. I know others that are fearful of speaking out because they feel that they may “lose something.” My good friend Sherman had a saying that he always said to me. He said Chris, “People can’t take anything away from you that they’ve never given you.” Well said my friend!

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