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Quote of the Day: “We Won in the House, Now Tell the Senate to ACT NOW!” | Missouri Political News Service

Quote of the Day: “We Won in the House, Now Tell the Senate to ACT NOW!”

February 6th, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

Taking their cue from the President, the “Young Democrats of America” sent us an email yesterday with that “our way or the highway” mentality title. We’re providing you a few excerpts from the email with a couple of editorial comments from us.

“Our values and our future are on the line.  Millions of young Americans have lost their job, home, savings, and livelihood.  We are facing the worst economic crisis since World War II.  And if we don’t act soon, it will get even worse.” (I thought this was the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression??? You guys have got to get on the same page as your leadership when it comes to your talking points!)

“The bill isn’t perfect; responses to a crisis of this scale never are.”(So let’s ram it through anyway with little debate and no input from Republicans!)

“Irony alert — Republicans make accusations of wasteful spending without acknowledging that, on their watch, tax cuts for the rich and a mismanaged war created a far greater burden.” (Is this the logic they use to justify spending tax payer money on lobster cage studies and the other pork that is throughout the “stimulus bill?”)

“The House of Representatives’ bill included the new American Opportunity Tax Credit, which offers a tax credit of up to $2,500 for the cost of tuition and related expenses as well as increases the Pell grant maximum and additional funding for work study.” (And this creates “shovel ready” jobs how?)


CQ Politics: Moderates Close to Stimulus Deal

“Claire McCaskill , D-Mo., said moderates were still trying to come to agreement among themselves. “We’re close, we’re close, we’re close,” she said, adding that an emerging figure for spending cuts is about $107 billion. “So you try to please some people with the amount, and then there’s people who don’t like the composition. So you try to fix the composition, and then someone doesn’t like the amount”



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