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Nixon’s Salary Scandal – Work Harder So We Can Live Better!

February 3rd, 2009 by MarkTwain · No Comments

As Missouri’s unemployment rate hit 7.3% and the economy is shrinking, most Missourians are cutting back. In fact, this is the case across America. Recognizing these tough economic times, President Obama announced that none of his top administrative staff would receive a pay increase.

And the Missouri House of Representatives also sent a clear message that this was not the time for public servants to be receiving a pay raise by overwhelmingly rejecting the recommendation of the Missouri Citizen’s Commission on the Compensation of Elected Officials that would have given themselves a pay hike.

Unable to take a clue from his Commander in Chief or the Missouri Legislature, Jay Nixon’s first act as Governor was to give exorbitant, taxpayer funded pay raises to his top administrative staff – exactly the opposite of what Obama did only a week earlier and the Missouri House rejected.

While not releasing the total amount of staff payments (only the salaries for his senior staff members), five of Nixon’s top employees will earn up to forty-five percent (45%) more than their predecessors!  And now Nixon is cutting over 1,300 state employees – at the same time he is giving astronomical pay increases to his own staff. How can Jay justify to the families of those employees who are being eliminated that he is padding the pockets of his own administration with tens of thousands of additional taxpayer dollars over and above the already generous salaries set by the previous administration?

The message to Missourians – work harder so we can live better.


* The position of Director of Boards and Commissions will see a pay increase of forty-five percent (45%).

* The position of Director of Constituent Services will see a pay increase of thirty-two percent (32%).

* The position of Deputy General Counsel will see a pay increase of fifteen percent (15%).

* The position of General Counsel will see a pay increase of fifteen percent (15%).

* The position of Chief of Staff will see a pay increase of two and one half percent (2.5%).


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  • 1 Jo Harshaw // Feb 3, 2009 at 9:50 pm

    Look real close – is there a raise in the fine print for him????

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