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Nixon Rewards Loyal Reporter

January 29th, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

Jay Nixon has paid back Kit Wagar for his favorable reporting of his campaign last fall by hiring him as his spin meister at the Department of Health and Senior Services.

Nixon continues his “Nixon-esque” double speak as he told the legislature Tuesday night that he would eliminate 1,300 state jobs – but not before he rewarded his most bias and loyal reporter.


From “With Apologies to David Letterman: Top Ten Voice Mails Left on Jay Nixon’s Cell Phone” reason #4:

“Jay-Virginia Young, St. Louis Post-Dispatch. I’ve almost finished the 12-part series on your election and pending inauguration. I just need you to sign off on all of it and it will be good to go. Every article will be on the front page with supporting editorials lauding the wonderful things you’re going to do for our state in the next four years. On a side note, Kevin Horrigan said you remind him of Rod Blagojevich who we endorsed twice for Governor of Illinois. He’s kind of the gold standard around here so those are some mad props! See you at the staff meeting tomorrow!”



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  • 1 Robert Gipson // Jan 29, 2009 at 9:01 pm

    Steve Morrow who is the senior advocate at the Missouri Childrens Advocate office should be one of the 1,3oo state workers to be unemployed. Steve Morrow fails to protect the children in Missouri, his work is sub-standard. He protects DFS children case workers when they destroy families and children. Jim Harrison worked with Steve Morrow when they both allowed my child to be abused. Mr Levy and Ms Hartgrave are the new Directors in the Family Service Division. They both are picking up where Steve and Jim left off. Governor Nixon is also ignoring the abuse against my son. He has done so even when he was the Attorney General. Children in Missouri are at high risk with these people in office. 660-723-4044
    Aks Jane Cunningham and Bryan Nieves. Their committe on family issues heard me testify on Nov 2008. The system is down. 660-723-4044 cell Bob Gipson

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