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Missouri Viewpoints: Legislative Session Preview and Free Market Environmentalism | Missouri Political News Service

Missouri Viewpoints: Legislative Session Preview and Free Market Environmentalism

November 24th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

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Health care, energy and property rights are among the issues on State Representative-elect Chris Molendorp’s mind as he prepares to begin serving in the Legislature in January.

Saying that consumer empowerment is needed to drive health care costs down, Molendorp (R-123) says he opposes the effort to implement a universal health care system. The newly-elected Republican says there is “…no possible way, under any taxation system that I can dream up, that state government could pay for all of the health care needs for nearly six million residents.”

Molendorp also discusses utilizing tax incentives and other economic tools to encourage the use and production of renewable energy sources in Missouri as well.In the second half of the program features Babette Geer from “Carrot Mob Kansas City” talks about a unique approach to environmentalism being built in Kansas City, among other cities.The group uses consumer activism to encourage business owners to invest in energy savings improvements to their buildings. Basically, businesses bid to get the “Carrot Mob’s” business on a certain day – the business that promises to invest the highest percentage of gross revenue into becoming more “green” wins.

Geer explains the effectiveness and the fun of this kind of activism, saying the approach depends on consumers voting with their money and creates a situation where “everyone wins”

Learn more about State Representative-elect Chris Molendorp at www.chrismolendorp.org. Learn more about the Carrot Mob concept and group at www.carrotmobkc.com



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